In this simple and concise guide, I aim to give you the information you need to answer your questions and understand high sensitivity.

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  • Reading time: 1 hour
  • Formats available: paperback, ebook

What is high sensitivity?

How can you tell whether a person is highly sensitive? How does the highly sensitive person experience the world?  

This little guide offers straightforward answers to these questions – and plenty more that you may have about high sensitivity. With his trademark simplicity and compassion, author James Williams guides you through how it is to be highly sensitive, and the particular challenges and strengths of this personality trait. 

This is High Sensitivity 101, with clear, ‘in a nutshell’ information that helps you to understand yourself or someone close to you. And this understanding can make a world of difference. Before recognising high sensitivity, you may be bumbling about in the dark. With this book, you’ll turn on the light.