Ten-year-old Annie knows what she loves: being on the beach with her dog, Echo. There, by the sea, everything that feels cross and sad and scared and mad seems to drift away.

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  • Reading time: 2-3 hours
  • Formats available: paperback, ebook

For Annie, feeling cross and sad and scared and mad is common.

Annie is a highly sensitive child, and that means she experiences the world a little differently. That can be hard to handle, at home and at school.

But being different can also be very beautiful, as Annie will discover. With Grandpa and Mum and her little brother Tim, she can find a way to work through her difficult feelings. To let her worries wash away like pebbles on the shore.

In this gentle story, authors Lucy and James offer reassurance and inspiration for the highly sensitive child who sees the world not in black and white, but every colour of the rainbow.

A beautifully written book by authors with incredible insight into the mind of a highly sensitive child. High sensitivity is absolutely NOT an emotional disability, but rather a set of innate traits that account for up to 20% of the population. I would absolutely recommend this book to HS children, their parents and teachers.
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